Playoff schedule and brackets is posted!!!




The Central Jersey North Brunswick (CJNB) Basketball League has served the area for decades!  The two leagues merged during COVID and have expanded and made the league into one great place for the kids of Central New Jersey to compete and have fun playing a game they love.  We only accept a maximum of 150 teams to the league, we prefer to not build a gigantic league but instead build a consistent, reliable, and flexible league for the everyday player and coaches.

Join us this season to experience quality games and a league that provides a great environment and experience for players, coaches, and fans!

Why join CJNB?

Be apart of something great.  Our staff is very accommodating, we ask coaches for conflicts prior to our schedule being generated to avoid issues later, most teams are located within Middlesex, Monmouth, Somerset, and Union Counties so the traveling is not excessive. 

1.      14 Game Schedule

2.      Everyone makes the playoffs

3.      Caring administration that listens to coaches and parents to improve the league

4.      Allstar Weekend provides a chance for kids to experience something special.

5.      All playoff games are played at teams venues except the Championships.

6.      Championship weekend is a celebration of the season.


The CJNB offers both boys and girls divisions from as early as 3rd grade to 8th grade.

We offer Highly Competitive and Competitive flights in each division from 5th grade to 8th grade. We strive to make every game as competitive for all to experience.




CJNB uses our own version of scheduling software to be able to have the flexibility for teams who have conflicts, or coaches that have multiple teams in the league.  All we ask is those conflicts are sent to us prior to the schedule being generated to avoid additional work. You will find that we are the most flexible league in New Jersey when it comes to scheduling games.  We do ask that when games are scheduled those games are honored.


Every team that has met the minimum number of games required for the playoffs is offered the opportunity to compete.  It will be the team’s choice to play.


$250 per team that can provide home gym space.  $375 per team without home gym space. 

$60 per game per team for officials (including playoffs)


We are all digital when it comes to registration, please go to our website and click on registration and you will have the ability to enter your team information there.

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