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League Rules


                                                                    CJNB Basketball 2023/2024 League Rules



Game Times


All games will consist of (2) 15 minute halves with clock stopping on every whistle.  If a team is up by 20 or more points the clock will become a running clock in the second half. Clock will stop on foul shots with the running clock in the second half

2 Minute Overtime if needed.


3rd Grade Division

2-20 minute halves, clock will stop with 1 minute remaining in the first half & 2 minutes remaining in the second half


Referee Fees

Each team will pay 1 ref $60 before each game

Any team that would like to pay the referee fees up front are subject to an $100 administartion fee(CJNB would pay the refree's directly for your games)




2-60 Second & 2-30 second per game

Addition 60 second timeout for a 2 minute overtime if game is tied


Foul Bonus

A team will begin shooting one and one foul shots on the seventh foul, two shots will be awarded on the tenth team foul (In the U-9 & U10 Division the foul shooter may cross the line after releasing the ball, the foul shooter will not be able to go for the rebound.


Age Requirements

9U      3rd Grade     Born on before 8/31/2015

10U    4th Grade     Born on before 8/31/2014

11U    5th Grade     Born on before 8/31/2013

12U    6th Grade     Born on before 8/31/2012

13U    7th Grade     Born on before 8/31/2011

14U    8th Grade     Born on before 8/31/2010


Players can only play in 1 age group in any division





3th grade division   Defense can only play up to half court     NO FULL COURT PRESS

4th Boys, 4th & 5th Girls, 5th Boys B Division: Full Court Press is allowed in the Last Three (3) minutes of the game

2022/2023 5th Grade Boys Division     Full Court Press allowed in last Three (3) minutes of the game * This division will be broken into A & B before playoffs

5th Boys A Division and 6th Girls: Full Court Press is allowed in the Last Six (6) minutes of the game.

6th Grade Boys B divison Full Court Press the entire second half.

6th Grade Boys A Division, 7th Grade Boys Divisions A&B, 8th Grade Boys Divisions A&B, 7th Grade Girls and 8th Grade Girls all can press the entire game.


Coaches Corner

All game results will be entered on the website under the coaches login , the winning team within 48 hours after game completion. If NO SCORE has been sent, the game will be recorded as 0-0. Neither team will get points for the non reported game.  Standings are calculated by the point system, 3 points for a win and 1 point for a loss.  Max of 14 games will be used to determine the points, the first 14 games of the season schedule will be the games used in the calculation. 


GAME CANCELLATION POLICY (please see game cancellation policy under rules on the home page)

Forfeit system to insure all/most games are played or not cancelled at last minute.

Do not accept a game change from your opponent without league approval.

Town/Organization Directors must approve all change requests.

5/1, 5/5 dates system of recording games to be scheduled. All games need to be rescheduled or forfeits can be issued to the offending party.

5/1 – Could not schedule. Both teams need to find a mutually actable date. Games must be scheduled by Jan 1st.


5/5 – Game cancelled due to weather.


Once the schedule is published, and the grace period has passed, any changes other than weather or school closings will need to be approved by both the Town’s/Organization’s Director and the CJNB League


Opposing coaches are not to be called to change games until the change is approved by the CJNB League

Unless a change is approved, if a team cannot play at the scheduled time, the result will be a forfeit.

If an approved change is made, if an immediate reschedule date/time is not agreed upon, the game date will be moved to 5/1.

All games must be rescheduled within 3 weeks of the approved cancellation.

If a game is scheduled for 5/1, and it is not rescheduled, both teams can receive a Forfeit unless one of the teams can prove their opponent has refused to reschedule. In this situation the team that refuses or is overly difficult will receive the forfeit.


If a team immediately alerts the CJNB that their opponent is not accepting any reasonable dates/times to reschedule, then the CJNB can assign the forfeit to that team who is not cooperating.


 Any unapproved cancellation (48 hours or less) or No Show, the Cancelling Team must pay the CJNB $120 to reimburse 2 Referees (penalty fees) and will receive a forfeit


 Any team with less than 10 games played, has 2 forfiets, or has unpaid fees, will be ineligible for the playoffs, unless the CJNB League reviews it, and allows, due to extenuating circumstances.





Ball Size- 28.5 Ball will be used for the Boys (U10), (U11) (U12), & (ALL Girls) Divisions.

All other divisions will use a High School Regulation Size Ball

A coach or player that receives two technical fouls will be ejected from the game and must leave the gym. That coach or player will be suspended for the next game and subject to disciplinary action.

Five personal fouls will result in removal from the game.

A team that does not arrive by the scheduled start time will forfeit the game after the fifteen (15) minute grace period. All teams need a minimum of five players to start the game. All players’ names must appear in the official book, and all players must be on the bench prior to the start of the 2nd half. Any player arriving after the start of the 2nd half is NOT eligible to play. Any team violating this rule will forfeit the game.

3 bench coaches per team    Head Coach, and 2 Assistant Coaches


For all crossover game press rules will be by the lowest division playing


All teams/organizations are responsible for their own insurance for their players and coaches.  The CJNB Basketball League does not provide insurance to teams.